My artwork reflects the diversity around me. I live in a world that is not limited in scope or style and my work reflects this.

I can be inspired by the cheeky twinkle in a raven's eye as much as by the wonder a scientist might feel when exploring the Fibonacci series.

Inspiration is borne of creative freedom.



  • “It is a rare privilege to meet and know someone who sees, feels and experiences the world through eyes of probing curiosity, emotional creativity and eclectic outlook.

    Edith Fullerton is an artist who imagines possibilities not only in her own artwork but also in that of others. With her own talent as a teacher and artist, she encourages fellow artists to push beyond perceived limitations, to engage
    courageously in change and to affirm diversity of expression. Edith exudes contagious energy. Her paintings are provocative, relevant and timeless. Her colours sing!


    Elizabeth R.


  • Edith Fullerton’s early watercolours emit a wonderful sense of lightness and calm. Her later multi-media and abstracts diverge the complex workings of her mind as well as those of modern society. She uses pale, natural colour and images to convey those complex ideas.


    Susan Q.
    Brechin, ON

  • Edie Fullerton is an amazing talented artist. The depth of her creativity is mind boggling. We have several pieces of Edie’s art gracing the walls of our home, one of which was commissioned by me. Edie listened to my description of what I wanted and created the perfect piece.


    Margaret Ann S.

    Brampton, ON

  • Edie Fullerton’s art has become a large part of our home. We have two original paintings and a number of reproductions. We very much admire both styles that Edie shares. Her realistic watercolours and her thoughtful, reflective abstract pieces always draw your attention and imagination. She is an amazing and talented artist.


    Pete and Jan G.

    Port Credit, ON

  • “What I admire most about Edith Fullerton’s art is the story the pieces tell.

    Her use of colour and movement evokes feelings of peace, as in the dress hanging in the summer breeze or the hands buttoning a newly ironed shirt, or deeper more thought-provoking pieces like the Fibonacci Sequence. I own several of her works and will continue to follow her as her art changes over the years.


    Jane L.
    Brampton, ON